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Started converting my A4000D to a tower today...

I was at this computer show and found the perfect tower to put an a4000D in for only $15. Well, almost perfect. It's a bit tight in some spots, and it looks like I'll have to move the 3.5" drive holder to the top of the machine, which also means I've no place to put the floppy drive now (unless I get a 5" kit). And now I need to figure out how the hell I'm going to get the power supply to work (the case came with an AT power supply, which has all these extras like turbo and some lcd counter). I'm thinking of tearing out the lcd counter and replacing it with a keylock. As far as the rest goes...I'll probably have to sleep on it and hope I can work it out in my dreams.

If anyone has any suggestions or encouragement, I'd appreciate it.
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