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Well at first sight, it should be fairly straightforward, you should grab, an ISO editor (I use UltraISO on Windows) and copy files to their respective locations. You should make sure to take a look at the AmigaOS Installation script, just some editing would be needed to acomodate the newly added files.

The difficult task, where i find it hard to solve, is when you have to integrate kickstart rom update patches that we have in the shape of single individual files for each type of Amiga model.

For now, we are unable to rebuild the AmigaOS Rom Update files with Remus or other tools yet. So you will hit the wall here. The best way would be if Doobrey or some other talented Amiga programmer ads Rom Update rebuilding support.!

PS: I thought long ago about spreading a slipstream patch, so that anyone, who owned an original copy could get an updated AmigaOS 3.9 CD. I found a program on Aminet called PatchGen, that does pretty much the same as spatch, but with big files and encryption. So the idea was that you had to make an ISO image of your AmigaOS 3.9 CD and then download the patchfile, and apply it using PatchGen. But, i could never solve the AmigaOS Rom Update issue

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