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Post FBlit instead of the blitter

The short answer is no.

Because the operating system is generally killed in games, the FBlit program won't work in WHDLoad installs.

Most games setup for a blit by loading the hardware registers $dff044 to $dff074 and then writing to $dff058 starts the blit. Some games use nice subroutines to do their blitter operations, so in theory if you could load the FBlit code into fast memory you could patch the game to use it.

So basically it's not possible at the moment but it's not impossible!

Every game would need special patching (but of course you might only need this on the 5% of games which go REALLY slow under WHDLoad) or perhaps some magic by the MMU commands in WHDLoad could convert the blitter operations to FBlit's format and call them.
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