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Aminet team needs cover scans etc.

The Aminet team regularly gets inquiries as to "where older versions of package X can by found" or "on which CD package Y has been released". To simplify the process of finding that kind of info, we have now added the content listings of all CDs released by Aminet to the Aminet wiki:

Commercial Aminet products

You can now search for a particular file by using the wiki's search function. Of course, adding an archive of all the weekly Usenet postings ("last weeks uploads to Aminet") is on the ToDo list aswell, but with Google's Usenet archive not working properly right now, that's going to take a while.

We're still missing the content list of the "Aminet Games" CD, as we don't have a copy of said CD lying around anymore. Take a look at any of the other CD entries to see which file we're talking about ("INDEX"). If anybody could help out with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

As you can see, while adding all that info, we decided to do it proper and add cover scans etc. aswell. We still have to scan the missing covers from the Aminet Sets, but we're missing a few CDs:

Aminet CD 1 -8
Aminet Games

If you own any of these CDs and could provide a scan of the front and back covers (aswell as any notes etc. that might be in the case) it would be appreciated a lot. We'd prefer 300 DPI scans if possible (so people can print them, if neccessary), but we'll take anything we can get

Please post anything you have, or just send it to Thanks in advance!
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