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Originally Posted by spoUP View Post
In case you wondered what Spot/Up Rough has been up to lately, here's your answer:
I have been busy learning PHP/SQL/HTML. Five months later, here's the result...

Up Rough and Divine Stylers presents:

aSCIIaRENa - the new home for the ASCII Scene is now officially launched!

aSCIIaRENa aims to be THE resource for Scene ASCII, as well as a database of artists and crews.
But not only that, you can vote and comment on collys.
Users can and are encouraged to submit ASCII Collections, ASCII Mags and ASCII related apps.

The site has the usual features, a tag wall, a forum, private messages etc.
The main feature is that it displays ASCII 100% accurate, just like in CED on your old 1084 monitor
on you Amiga thanks to the use of Ansilove that has been improved to fill the needs of aSCIIaRENA.


Main Coding: Spot / Up Rough^diViNe sTYLERs
Add Coding: Cleaner (Ansilove), Yonx / Up Rough
Fonts: dMG / diViNe sTYLERs

Thanks to:
Yonx, for being my SQL/Coding tutor through many long nights!
dMG, for being the main beta tester, and for!
Ziphoid for hosting the site and for endless help/love/support, and for providing chill music via SceneSat!

Now, head over to aSCIIaRENa and have fun!
really cool!!!!
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