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Realms of Quest for the Vic20 is out!

Realms of Quest Trilogy is a collection old-school RPG for the Vic20 by Psytronik software.
A freeware version of Rleams of Quest III can be downloaded here:

The full commercial package includes:

-36 page PDF or printed game manual which includes a map and drawings (instead of a plain .TXT file)
-stunning full colour inlay art presented in a 5.25" clear plastic case
-intro with graphics and music
-enhanced graphics -a 16K version called "Dunjon Crawler"
-the following games on side two of the double sided disk:

Realms of Quest (1991)
Realms of Quest II (Unfinished Demo) (1993)
Dunjon I & II (2003)
Realms of Quest II (2004)
Ringside Boxing (1996)
Ringside Wrestling (1990)
Break-Fast (1988)
Dunjon Master (1990)
Haunted House (1990)
Ice Hockey (1996)
Meteor Zone (1996)
Napoleon Simulator (2006)
Paratrooper (1990)
Vicfall! (1993)
Vicfall II (1996)
Vicside Boxing (2004)
Worm-Out II (1990)
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