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Originally Posted by Wildstar View Post
It might be a little far fetch for Amiga Inc. to do on real silicon today but can we imagine this in a virtualized system platform?
I don't see the point. Why waste cpu speed converting 32 bitplanes (!) to 32 bit chunky? Makes absolutely no sense. And to make matters worse, you now have 24 bit planes to write to just to write a single true color pixel to the screen. All this does is make the programming job harder, and it wastes cpu time. Bitplanes can be usefull when dealing with palette based graphics in some cases, for everything else you want chunky graphics (especially 3D).
Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
Hey don't cry, it's cheaper than a Maserati!

I'm not crying, because I don't want one Cool car, by the way

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