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Originally Posted by Wildstar View Post
Patents in the US are for hardware and inventions. Software is copyrighted and trademarks (that's the logos and slogans and marketing words.) I was referring to the all the copyrights, patents and trademarks that Commodore / Escom and possibly Gateway (Amiga International) had for software, hardware and publications (printed & electronic documents) for Amiga is owned by the current Amiga Inc. However, many of it has little to no value.
Yes, I see. There is a distinction between patents and intellectual property.

But to my best knowledge having a patent on e.g. AGA does not make sense, because you could "invent" another chip that has all the functions of AGA, but a completely different layout than Commodore's Lisa chip. Workbench, manuals etc are intellectual property.

So is there any patent that has any practical value?
I know that C= had a patent on two buttoned mice. Yet, three buttoned mice don't infringe that patent.
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