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Thanks Wildstar. Now I probably understand this mess.

But which patents will expire? In Europe there are no software patents, and America has them since '94 (in a relevant form). Chips can't be patented because everybody can make a different chip with the same function. (That's what I think. Any lawyer would probably scream in terror and despair. )

So, what relevant patents did C= have besides the two buttoned mouse?
Patents in the US are for hardware and inventions. Software is copyrighted and trademarks (that's the logos and slogans and marketing words.) I was referring to the all the copyrights, patents and trademarks that Commodore / Escom and possibly Gateway (Amiga International) had for software, hardware and publications (printed & electronic documents) for Amiga is owned by the current Amiga Inc. However, many of it has little to no value.

To simply put, this doesn't mean Amiga Inc. owns the copyrights to any games and such that was made by third-party.

This would include Mind Walker and Amiga CD FootballCD32 game.

Commodore themselves did not do all that much publishing/developing software for Amiga. So it is limited. All the books published by Commodore would be owned by Amiga Inc. That would be a given in this territory.

I'm thinking somewhere around 2002/2003, Gateway just outright divested the rights to all things Amiga to Amiga Inc. In 2000, they just got the trademarks and some copyrights. Of course, this is due to Amiga Inc. having an upswing back in 2002 and probably alot having to do with the main investor backing Amiga Inc.

Anyway, the software for the Amiga Operating System was not officially names AmigaOS until well after Commodore. It's official software title was Workbench and Amiga Inc. has that right. Agreements are probably in place to not impede the use of the term Workbench by Hyperion for components within AmigaOS. These little things are probably not going to be debated.
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