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Thanks Wildstar. Now I probably understand this mess.

But which patents will expire? In Europe there are no software patents, and America has them since '94 (in a relevant form). Chips can't be patented because everybody can make a different chip with the same function. (That's what I think. Any lawyer would probably scream in terror and despair. )

So, what relevant patents did C= have besides the two buttoned mouse?
Patents are good for 20 years. So the patents on the Amiga graphics system would be expiring in 2010 which places the patent registration/filing in 1990 which means pretty much the AGA chipset but certainly OCS and ECS would both be in PD by now. OCS is probably already - hence the OCS in Minimig project. ECS came a little later. The patents did not pass patents process until a year or two or three after the filing for patent and much of that and products with the chips already came out so patent registration would be a year or 2 after the products with it were out. It is about 20 years now. AGA patents would be expired in about a few years anyway at the latest. So, pretty much by 2015, any C= patent would be expired by now.

Many of the patents were filed under Commodore-Amiga and Commodore Business Machines and possibly Commodore Electronics - but that is pretty much how the patents were filed when looking at the Commodore corporate structure and what I recall of Amiga patents. Hell, the patents on the VIC-II and SID and TED had expired.

How the patent names are filed maybe tricky but lets remember VIC-II, SID, TED were product names not the patent names. You have to look at the patents more closely. The patents regarding the Blitter and such are also in the records. So, when all this is expired, anyone can use the technology including Hyperion, Jens, Amiga Inc., ect. with no questions need bne asked.
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