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Originally Posted by JLPedro View Post
If it's only a PPC accelerator why not just buy the efica itself?? Making that sort of hardware for the A1200 wouldn't bring any advantage over the efica board, plus making it expensive and just for a nitch of market.
I don't even see the point of having a PPC card on a Classic Amiga, the Sam cost's the same as a PPC card for the A1200, and it's new!!
If you want to upgrade a Classic Amiga go for a 060 card, a Blizzard if you can!

But that's just me....
Hear hear.

But you're welcome to convince a dev to make an A1200 PPC board just for you, ofc.

I don't consider anything that doesn't run WB 3.1 natively an Amiga - but that's just my opinion. The Efika looks like a small, nice, and capable board, it doesn't need a plastic case moulded by Commodore around it to be good!

Unless you want the "now considered crappy" AGA chipset for some reason...?
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