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To put it simply...

Bill McEwen established Amiga Inc. (Amino - original incarnation) after acquiring the Amiga name and rights from Gateway in around 2000. Then afterwards - a few years later after Amiga Inc. gained popularity and steam, they finished off full ownership of the Amiga rights (ALL OF IT. That is trademarks, IP, copyrights,ect. to Amiga hardware and software produced by Commodore and ESCOM and whatever that was under development when Gateway owned Amiga - then called Amiga International (I think).

To press the rewind back to ESCOM / Gateway / Tulip era.

First off, ESCOM bought Commodore 1994

1995 ESCOM split Commodore and Amiga and the IP rights. All C= owned software and hardware IP for EVERYTHING non-Amiga (Commodore 8-Bits and Commodore PC) was sold to Tulip Computers when ESCOM went bankrupts. Before ESCOM bankrupcy, ESCOM formed Amiga Technologies Gmbh. and sent all the Amiga rights (All C= copyrighted/patented/trademarked rights to all software and hardware & publications for Amiga computer line.) ESCOM sort of gave the rights to its subsidiary.

1996 or abouts Gateway bought Amiga Technologies Gmbh. All C= / ESCOM copyrighted/patented and trademarked software,hardware and publications was bought by Gateway. This was to give ESCOM another year before ESCOM went totally bankrupt. Then in 1997, Tulip bought ESCOM outright (thus acquired Commodore.) Escom main organization retained Commodore under the parent company Escom but divested Amiga to Gateway then Tulip bought Escom. Hence why Tulip computers got all the Escom store chain throughout Europe when Tulip was financially good.

This is how Commodore and Amiga rights split up.

circa 2000, Amino acquired license of the Amiga trademarks and software and became Amiga Inc. (first incarnation), then a few years later got the remaining rights (ownership) from Gateway because Gateway didn't want it anymore. So Amiga Inc. now - got the rights because of the original owners of Amino created the current Amiga Inc. and transfered the rights for probably the minimum allowed by law - $1. So technically, Amiga Inc. as we know it owns the copyright to every C=/Escom & Gateway (Amiga International) copyrighted, trademarked, patented software, hardware and publication since 1983/84 to present.

Now, patents are expiring in a year. So, it doesn't matter. As for Hyperion and Amiga, an agreement apparently has been made to allow Hyperion to continue work with AmigaOS unimpeded.


Amiga Inc. simply agreed to let Hyperion deal with everything pertaining to classic Amiga (including the PPC Amiga and that lineage) because Amiga Inc. is no longer going to be involved with classic Amiga.

I think Amiga Inc. is going to focus on something new and separate from the classic line or something. I think it might be pertaining to AA2 and move forward with that idea. Probably be revised dramatically. Maybe a new OS architecture altogether. So - who knows. Getting the AA2 SDK onto some more systems and released might be part of the goals here.

AA2 development is in a coma at this time and may begin again as soon as we see something happening with Amiga Inc. This bad chapter appears to be over. Both companies can now focus on there goals before this mess occured with revamping on the goals - taking into account the time that passed by. So, who know. AA2 concept can work well in this day and age but it needs to be worked and moved forward with more inspiration.

Ok, sounds like dream talk but the only thing between dream and reality is just "doing".
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