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i have spent endless hours of testing to get rid of this system requester "user abort requested". all i can say is that it also occurs in a plain os3.9bb2-setup and it occured with miamidx in the same manner as it did with genesis. port 356 is open and ibrowse works a charm!

can someone help??

navigating through the subfolders of the partitions in Amiga Explorer is no problem. but everytime i go to the main folder where all the drives and partitions are shown, the requester pops up on the amiga side. remember this requester only pops up when logging activated on the amiga side - when i disable the logging feature i am getting timeout issues. what i have also noticed is that when i change folder properties on the pc side in Amiga Explorer, while applying them the requester pops up a lot. tried a lot of different folder settings with no result.

any ideas...?
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