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Ha! I bet your dual P4 will look & be made obsolete in 12-18months!!
That's part of the PC's game-development problems. Rather than even try to make use of what they have,they whack a "needs DirectX 40024 update+Geforce 64000+P4.4, 20Gig install" on the box.
Much less, that in the old days of Amiga's,C64's etc. teams or individuals had to code things themselves & not use a Quake engine or 3D API.

As for the points earlier about CBM only devoting money towards Amiga R&D & not having enough left for marketing-LOL!!
Corporate jets & boardroom lunches for idiotic men-in-suits who didn't even know what the Amiga was,is a more likely scenario!

I'd say The only way to revive Amiga development is to get a PS2 go back in time & slip it into the Amiga R & D labs along with Sony's marketing arm to make sure CBM's didn't stuff it up again!
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