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Question Do longplays illustrate adequately the strong & weak points of a given game


As you may know I am investigating the possibility to make a series of game captures via WinUAE. There are various reasons which cause me to hesitate to produce longplays. Some "good", some due to laziness or lack of practice.

Among the "good" reasons :
Most of the time, I can't sit and watch a longplay for 2+ hours as if it was a movie.
I may have a specific reason to fast forward to certain moments, e.g. if I am stuck, but usually the walkthrough + hints do the trick.

I think longplays lack illustrations : Oral comments, captions.
Of course, longplays are part of our assets as Amiga gamers and the people who make them might have their reason not to clutter them with such things.

Last : For some games (shooters), gameplay repeats itself over and over without any sense of novelty except the increased difficulty level.

So I am curious, would that make a reason NOT to watch such captures if one illustrated only the first two or three levels ?

To create this thread, I had a retro-gaming related French TV show in mind (now a YouTube channel), and that's Retro Game One.
Even if you don't speak French, you could watch [ Show youtube player ] episode or [ Show youtube player ] to get the idea. Of course, i am much less talkative than this guy,
and I don't have the same professional outfit. What I'd like to keep in terms of "fun factor" is the areas of interest.
One "show" for shooters, the other for fast-paced platformers and so on.

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