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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
HAM is not a viable option due to fringing, when i mentioned subtitles i was just adding just a tiny grain of sand against HAm, subtitles are not the primary issue, while fringing is, along with the other HAM limitations we all know.
HAM6 is viable; it's just as viable as any other lowres format, because a little fringing won't hurt that much. Also, it's possible to reduce this a lot, see below.
Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
So my friend the point is that we keep our Amigas, not because they are better than everything else, but just because the fun of it, and the memories we have attached to their usage. So for you, watching a movie on an Amiga is not a pleasant experience, i get it, but then it is so cool to be able to do it on 80´s hardware, i for one will do it!
You don't have to explain to me why we use Amigas, I have one, and I use it, rather than WinUAE. The whole point is: Why not try and squeeze the highest possible quality out of ECS, rather than omitting the color mode that has the potential to look the best?
Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I hope you dont take it personally, it is not my intention to annoy you, i am just trying to make a point
No, I don't, don't worry about it
Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
If the video is highly saturated with many many transitions in Luma and Chroma within the frame then EHB is in trouble due to lack of colour resolution available but if it is a subtle kind of colouring like for example a clip from the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow then HAM fringing will be more random and more unsettling to watch than a non dithered nicely processed EHB image. It's kinda like when do you use a 256 colour GIF or a compromised high compression JPEG on a webpage if you like.
With HAM6, you can set fifteen palette colors in the border, per scan line. For 320x200, this amounts to 6000 extra bytes per frame, and because you probably only need to change the palette colors every two scanlines, 3000 bytes would be enough.This will reduce HAM fringingly significantly. Might be an option (if the bandwidth allows it).
Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
So for the others that think our Amigas cannot cope with that amount of data, we can simply skip the HAM/EHB bit at playback.
Sadly, you can't leave out bits, because they're taken in account when the frame was rendered. Se example:

This is 320x200 EHB.
Click image for larger version

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And this is the same image with the 6th bit ignored.
Click image for larger version

Name:	TestFrame001.png
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Clearly this is not a good idea
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