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Originally posted by Unknown_K
RTS and FPS games are where the PC is better equipped for the task. Basically anything where a keyboard and mouse cant be replaced with a game controller easily.
I recall the Atari Jaguar controllers with 12 programable buttons being very easy to use and much better to play doom with than on my pc with a keyboard.
Does anyone remember the video touchpad for the atari 2600?
A keyboard can always be replaced, and whylst I agree that game s like Unreal, Quake, Half-Life and Return to Castle Wolfenstein could never really work on a console (half-life on PS2 is crap!) there are many games where consoles out perform PCs, not because consoles have more power but because of more direct access to hardware ect, however with the introduction of the xbox many people are begining to see that consoles are just cheep non upgradable PCs that only play games.

Go out and buy a powerfull PC (I now run a dual P4 @ 4.4ghz) which will last for many years and whoop the ass off any console on the planet.
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