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I think we are waisting to much energy discussing wether or not HAM or EHB should be included. Lets include them both despite their own limitations, so that everyone is happy killing interface storage bandwith and living a fringing life
So for the others that think our Amigas cannot cope with that amount of data, we can simply skip the HAM/EHB bit at playback.

Those low resolutions, which are not fullscreen are for having the chance of displaying video on the workbench desktop, for previewing purposes, and for the cool thing it should be

@Cammy and @ImmortalA1000
When i said subtitles are not important, i said it in the context, that what it is really important at this point in time is to get first just the video playback, not the sound, timing, subtitles, scene selection, menus, and the other stuff. While your ideas about displaying subtitles in other screens or using sprites is of course very feasible and are really worth considering. Still, personally, i think we should have various options to display them so we can choose from what we like, or think it is best. I believe .srt support should not be difficult and is a must (so that we can leech subtitles from the internet and dont have the task of generating our own for every movie out there)
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