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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Uploaded a video of HAM6 fullscreen to Youtube. It is some sort of anime opening titles.

[ Show youtube player ]
Is it possible to capture the actual Amiga's output or redo this and digitally record the output from UAE....filming a monitor is not really going to give a true indication of how fringing will affect the final animation as it is lost in so many stages of quality degradation from Amiga---->Youtube video posted.

Originally Posted by Thorham View Post

EHB and 32 colors will most certainly look uglier than some Ham fringing, so Ham 6 certainly has to be an option. It's better that way anyway. Let the maker of the video decide what image format to use, rather than to limit them to EHB or 32 colors.
This is simply not possible to comment on, depends on a lot of things...mainly

How bad is the fringing
And how short are the EHB palettes to the source original.

If the video is highly saturated with many many transitions in Luma and Chroma within the frame then EHB is in trouble due to lack of colour resolution available but if it is a subtle kind of colouring like for example a clip from the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow then HAM fringing will be more random and more unsettling to watch than a non dithered nicely processed EHB image. It's kinda like when do you use a 256 colour GIF or a compromised high compression JPEG on a webpage if you like.

Personally as long as BOTH EHB and HAM6 are there then that's fine, like I said for all 2 rev 0.0001AA board A1000 users in the world don't screw up a perfectly acceptable compromise...the number of non EHB A1000 machines still going today are negligible and should not be a factor in determining choices for 99.999999% of active Amiga users out there

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Subtitles are important to deaf people like me.

If you were to add subtitle support to an animation/video viewer like this, the text would not need to be overlaid on top of the image, but could be on a separate screen in front of the video screen, at the bottom. Like a screen that's dragged down to show the one behind it. This would avoid any HAM artifacts, and I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to make a program that starts showing a .srt file at the same time it starts playing the video.
In the case of a full screen video you could also use the hardware sprites as a sort of virtual second playfield also. Doesn't have to go edge to edge and sprite heights are unlimited. Not sure how much CPU/Copper time this takes away in total.

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
I am running it on my A1200T and it is impressive.
He just sent me the conversion guide and software.
What CPU are you using in the videos?

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