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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

And i nearly forget! A600 can have fastmem without acceleration, just plug one of those PCMCIA 16bit ram cards. (from 1, 2 and even 4 MB.)
Ahh those things, they are very slow aren't they or is that just compared to the Fast ram in the 32bit AGA. Are the PCMCIA memory upgrades for the A600 slower than fast ram in a trapdoor expansion attached to an A500 or internal 256kb RAM cart on the nose of the A1000? I've got 2mb's on my A600 myself but that's all chipram as it's a trapdoor 1mb card.

I agree HAM6 has problems but for different reasons....mainly it is not possible to display it in a workbench window so really is only useful in full screen modes of 320x200 or 320x256 etc. Subtitles aren't really a problem you can hard code those I guess. I don't see the point in playing a 160x100 movie on a blank background full screen and as that's the lowest resolution for the Amiga @320x2?? etc. But then maybe the player should be flagged a movie is HAM and automatically go full screen...whereas EHB and below give the option to be in a window on the desktop*

The bit about NTSC and PAL...really it's not an issue. The data is simply written to screen to form your frames and the modulator will display it as PAL or NTSC. The only issue is 320x200 on NTSC is 4:3 and 320x256 is more like 14:9 or something (the inbetween mode of zooming on old CRT 16:9 TVs etc)

The framerate really is not an issue as long as the screen changes are VSYNC'd...20 fps to us humans is a comfortably smooth rate of change to allow the illusion of movement to form

*That's still a problem though...32 colour workbench is not possible on ECS
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