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You got yourself stuck on this subtitles thing, which was just mentioned.
HAM is not a viable option due to fringing, when i mentioned subtitles i was just adding just a tiny grain of sand against HAm, subtitles are not the primary issue, while fringing is, along with the other HAM limitations we all know.

QUOTE from @Thorham:

What would you need subtitles for anyway? It's not like watching a movie in this kind of format would be a very pleasant experience, and what's the point? You'd have to convert the whole movie to raw, and then you have to convert all the frames to something the Amiga can display properly. Doesn't sound like anything that's going to be used for such purposes. An hour of video in this format already uses up about 3600 MB, so you'd need a dvd drive on your Amiga to use the video.

EHB and 32 colors will most certainly look uglier than some Ham fringing, so Ham 6 certainly has to be an option. It's better that way anyway. Let the maker of the video decide what image format to use, rather than to limit them to EHB or 32 colors.


Again subtitles are not that important! Video is!
While you say that watching a movie like this is not a pleasant experience, then you missed the point. Dude, we are speaking of Amigas, as a hobby computer, doing it for fun. We are not gonna convince the film industry to adopt this format, neither convince anyone over here to dare compare it with a PC displaying HDTV video. It is good enough, if you disagree then, what are you doing over here? Amigas are good machines but they cannot compete with mainstream PCs, Macs, etc. Look, the same happens when people use their Amigas to surf the net: You have no java, no flash, but if you are lucky you may have CSS! So following your point of view then that should be a "not pleasant experience". Another example could be playing 2D games with AGA resolution and paula audio. You may also say "this is not a pleasant experience". Yes we know we dont properly have accelerated 3D graphics 7.1 16 bit sound and the latest titles.
So my friend the point is that we keep our Amigas, not because they are better than everything else, but just because the fun of it, and the memories we have attached to their usage. So for you, watching a movie on an Amiga is not a pleasant experience, i get it, but then it is so cool to be able to do it on 80´s hardware, i for one will do it!

Of course format convertion needs to take place, but that is the job of the encoding software, which could be reasonably done on mainstream (while having it on an Amiga would be great too!). No one in their right mind would keep an hour of video in uncompressed format in an Amiga, due to space requirements, but as mentioned in a previous post, it should be fairly simple to reuse a simple file compression format and when the player needs to fetch that data, it uses one of those already available amiga libraries that let you read inside compressed files.

Of course, the developer can decide the image format to use, i am not saying this format is compulsory, it is merely a draft which is open to modifications and sugestions. It is a format designed with the goal of being playable on nearly every Amiga. As i mentioned before, if you dont like it, because you find it limiting, use another, better quality format like MPEG 2, but then, very few Amigas will be able to cope with it. So at the end you are free to choose, and that is what really counts!

I hope you dont take it personally, it is not my intention to annoy you, i am just trying to make a point
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