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Question Problem to get Kickstart 1.3 with TUDE on A600 HD

I have troubles with the degrader tool TUDE installed on my A600.
It works fine on my A1200 HD where I got the 1.3 ROM image.

On A600 I've WB2.1 and MagicWB installed. The startup-sequence script has this non-standard commands only: TestLMB (to test if Left Mouse button is pressed), anticlick (to avoid drive noise) and NickPrefs (needed to keep the MWB background pattern).

On clicking on the KS1.3-512k tude icon unfortunately, after the reset, the system boots regularly (WB2.1, KS2.0) without showing the white 1.3 screen with the blue disk.

What makes me crazy is that I'm enough sure that in the past it worked.
I've no idea what I could have done 'cause now it doesn't work, anymore!

I read this but I didn't find the solution.

Does anyone have a working TUDE on its A600 HD?

Any help? Thanks. is offline  
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