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I'm not all that sold on Win 7 myself. I had a hell of a time installing it on some newish PCs at work. Ended up being that the ISO itself was corrupt! Wonderful, half a day wasted messing about :

Server 2008 ISA is still in beta and doesn't work properly... sigh. Was just getting to grips with ISA 2006!

The group policy side of 2008 scares me a little, you could have a job title sorting those out!

Vista was W7 all along although MS just did it's usual Windows ME release inbetween gold releases... please do not define 'gold'

Anyway, it works quite nice Windows 7 from having very little play with it (read less than 12 hours!), bit annoying they have moved everything about - it's like going into a supermarket you've been in for YEARS and then some swine moves all the products around...

Still not decided whether or not to upgrade. Win XP is still supported for a while with patches... could always keep everything on Win XP and use a bootable CD linux install for web surfing. No more viruses!

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