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Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
Windows 7 is faster and cleaner. I have had the RTM version on my work laptop for two months now. But what does that or Linux have to do with anything?

These kind of comments were all over yesterday during the show. Maybe someday people will grasp the concept that the Amiga OS has and never will be open source. If you want Linux, just go use linux!
Faster/cleaner than what? Vista? not hard! XP? not unless you are a blind retard comparing XP to Win7

This a M$ bloo-eee sorry. Win7 is nothing more than Vista SP3+++ with a really shit looking GUI replacing the first Windows GUI that didn't look shit or old. It is NOT the Windows Vienna tiny microkernal running in 40k they first showed...that effort was canned due to lack of coding talent at M$ (nothing new there then lol)

It boots as slowly, occupies as much RAM, runs just as badly on a very capable 1ghz P3 with 768Mb RAM (this comment is for all the idiots proclaiming Win7 is as fast as XP haha idiots) and well it's still windows, with that dumb-ass registry shit to get clogged up every 6-18 months.

Nothing to see....move along...same bloatware crap...different logo.

And one thing Win XP/Vista/7 can NOT do is what OS4 does when running Wipeout 2097 on the desktop....resize the window at the pixel level can only run these games (if at all now XP install is required remember..dumb asses removed XP compatability!) in a fixed resolution if you're lucky to run them in a window on the desktop.

Anyway, back on topic...what is Amiga? Is it some old custom chip designs? Is it some old operating system? Is it an ideal for super efficient reliable friendly and above all else technologically superior alternative to Mac/Wintel? What is it? How do you define it?

Owning the OS is not owning Amiga, and unless they port OS4 IMMEDIATELY to hardware that is not crap like SAM boards that is READILY FOR SALE then it is a very hollow victory for us as Amiga enthusiasts.

The only thing that anyone with a brain owning the Amiga IP would do is an Amiga version of the C64 that would sell bucketloads...but no I bet we get more obscure useless crap coming out of both :

Failing that they would be better off to buy AROS somehow....finish it....and sell it to us finished and complete with built in version of UAE and a disk controller to read Amiga HD formats natively, have 9 pin real man's joystick ports and a proper Amiga compatible floppy disk drive in hardware again.

Why is it so hard for both the current owners of Commodore and Amiga to come up with useful ideas
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