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Revised test of Virtual PC

Installed Windows 98 onto a virtual hard disk on Virtual PC
Windows runs flawlessly
DOS4GW games run flawlessly
The DOS games that I tested run flawlessly (didn't test Microprose Soccer since that doesn't even work on a real Win98 machine)
Games that wouldn't run in Win2k run flawlessly (ie. Road Rash)

Verdict: A great emulator. If you want to run Pure DOS, don't bother. If you're up for emulating Windows, this is a great emulator to do it with. Since it sits on top of an already existing windows/mac installation, it's better than VMWare, which loads stuff before Windows starts (if I recall correctly)

Next to test:

- Virtual PC running SoftICE : I'm deliberately trying to make Virtual PC die in this case, but if it succeeds, I will be royally impressed.
- Virtual PC running a non MS OS : Possibly OS/2. Possibly NetBSD
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