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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
I honestly don't think the UK had any major censorship issues? horror films, porn and violence have been the norm for probably the last 30 years and i don't think much has changed... if anything the UK has loosened up quite a bit and is probably the country with the least amount of censoring going on
Oh that's definitely the case and has been for some time. But I remember, I guess it was really more the early 80's and Thatcher's influence on the country - look at the episode "Nasty" from The Young Ones - just getting a couple horror films took some underhanded tactics from Mike because they were deemed too vicious for normal viewers.

Of course now I'd say that is more the case here than in the UK. Violence not so much as sexuality, but hell - a pair of breasts will get a game an AO rating but you can shoot buckets out of some poor soldier and make an M rating easy.

EDIT - ha ha! those are american ratings too. For those that aren't aware:

AO = Adults Only = XXX rating

M = Mature = a movie's "R" rating or "17 and up unless parents supervise"

I'm fascinated by culture and cultural differences... it helps keep me in the state of mind that will motivate me to leave this messed up country as soon as money allows.
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