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Originally Posted by AB Positive View Post
Amazing. *shakes head*

Of course if I remember right censorship in the 80's in the UK was amazingly weird and unnecessarily strict. What with horror films being put into almost the same category as hardcore porn for a consumer.
I honestly don't think the UK had any major censorship issues? horror films, porn and violence have been the norm for probably the last 30 years and i don't think much has changed... if anything the UK has loosened up quite a bit and is probably the country with the least amount of censoring going on

I remember silly little things in games that had to be altered for the US market... Snes games were hit hard in the US at the time! Women in games had to wear more clothes and certain words or expressions had to be removed etc... I never understood the TMNT censoring in the UK/Europe (there is no censorship on that now though )
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