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Re: Re: Stump CodyJarrett

Akira asks:

Originally posted by Akira

What if he's wrong? :P

I have no further questions
Bloodwych intercede:

You've answered your own question Akira. Rule 2:

All of CodyJarrett's answers are final. He is the ultimate authority, and his judgement will be the final arbiter on the accuracy of any of his answers. (Hee, hee)

Clearly means that the only person who can decide if you've stumped CodyJarret is CodyJarret. You must have trust that he will run this competition fairly, or pick rightful loopholes in your questions in order to avoid being stumped. If he is wrong, it's upto him to decide if his answer was accurate or not - Hence the sarcastic hee, hee at the end of the rule!

Sorry Akira, but you have failed to stump the most splendid CodyJarrett on this occasion. Please try again soon!

Back over to the Codester. Next.................
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