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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
They naturally can't get misty-eyed over Lotus II and Super Cars II.
Not only can we not get misty-eyed, we don't even know what Lotus is. Non-NASCAR racing is DOA in the US, and such games would have flopped even if released on popular systems here.

Did I say "would have"? I meant DID flop.

Different cultures, different tastes too. North America got all crazy over the NES and other cart based consoles for many reasons but my betting favorite is this... After the famous "Crash of '83" computers actually were popular here. Commodore 64, IBM clones, Apple IIs and to a lesser degree Atari 8-bits had quite a foothold in North America.

Then came the NES and it's "Game Paks" and most importantly - no loading times.

It's not that setups that have loading are bad (see every modern day console) but from about '85 onward the culture here was "ME ME ME" and also "I want it NOW". Loading games was a non-starter to the culture on the whole, and as such consoles ruled the day.

Only now as some of us want to digest and absorb game libraries from systems we didn't use are people finding the older computer scenes. Just like now, I know quite a few Europeans that use Digital Press to help them catch up on what they missed in the console era.

Originally Posted by plankton View Post
Oh and NES sucked ass. I had one after amiga, c64, sega master system and mega drive so I hated it. (I like what nintendo did with SNES later)
What games did you play on it? NES is a 'great' system mainly because it has a good amount of quality titles... but if a game's good on it it's AMAZING and if a game's bad on it it's HORRENDOUS.

Didn't see a lot of middle ground NES games. The first TMNT and T&C Surf Design spring out as examples of mediocre NES games but honestly, there aren't many. It's rather black and white on that front.
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