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Re: Stump CodyJarrett

Originally posted by Bloodwych

Here are the rules:

1) Only one question per post. Multiple questions within the same post will be disqualified at CodyJarrett's discretion.

2) All of CodyJarrett's answers are final. He is the ultimate authority, and his judgement will be the final arbiter on the accuracy of any of his answers. (Hee, hee)

3) Don't get mad at him if you don't get the answer you expected. (This is, after all, is a joke thread. i.e. don't take it too seriously)

4) Make sure your questions are impossibly difficult to answer. The harder the better! This way, when he answers it, you will truly be thrilled and amazed!

5) Winners who stump the amazing CodyJarrett will win, er, nothing!

Bloodwych the judge intercede time!

v8juice asked:

Ok. What happened to my old Amiga 500, where is it now?

Well I'm afraid that's two questions v8juice and under rule 1 Cody does not have to answer due to your automatic disqualification.

Sorry, but you did not stump the amazing Codyjarrett on this occasion. Please try again soon!

Using my disclaimer:

New Rule added: Personal questions that give CodyJarrett zero chance of answering will be disqualified. What's regarded as a personal question is completely down to CodyJarrett’s discretion based on deciding if the question is within the spirit of this competition.

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