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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
The only downside to XBOX emulation is that no emulator has proper 240/288p mode and so you get interlace artefacts not present on the original.

You can up the filter to hide the artefacts but it goes fuzzy.
I tend to use mine for 8bits mostly and of course it was only ever an rf back then so i usually have it purposely fuzzy.And while there may be artefacts, i don't find them to be in any way a big deal compared to how much closer things do feel and look the xbox way

When i'm sitting in front of my crt playing a C64 emulated game, it's a much close experience than that of a pc one - for the simple reason it's on a crt and filters although pretty good on pc, just don't cut it for a lcd for example

Also when i emu on pc and i sit in front of a monitor, it feels quite detatched, like im playing an emulator - i very much less get this feeling with the xbox and a crt.I suppose i could have my pc output to a tv but it still comes down to how for me at least, pc and emulation although clearly much better in so many ways, can't beat Xbox set up the way it is like this
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