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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Old drives are slow, but Flash storage today is cheap and reliably fast!!!

Results in KB/s using flash storage media with its corresponding adapters:

A600, no Fastmem: 696
A600,Fastmem: 824
A600, no Fastmem, PCMCIA card reader: 1432
A500, 68000, Trumpcard 500 Pro, no Fastmem: 975
A500, 68040+32-bit Fastmem: 1837
A1200, no Fastmem, PCMCIA Squirrel: 330
A1200, no Fastmem, PCMCIA Surf Squirrel: 1000
A1200, 68030, no Fastmem: 1127
A1200, 68030+32-bit Fastmem: 1975
A4000, 68040+32-bit Fastmem: 2000

While flash storage is the most desirable media, further better results can be obtained with newer , highly specced flash cards. As an example i have tested a SDHC Class 4 card on an A1200 IDE port an obtained 2.5 MB/s performance. Of course, your mileage may vary, always applies. This tests are usefull only for having a general idea.

The tests also show how adding fastram or an accelerated cpu affects transfer speeds in a favourable way.

Note 1: with the following adapters you will gain this speed increase:
IDEFix Express adapter will double (x2) the bare IDE performance
FastATA adapter will quadruple (x4) the bare IDE performance
Thanks for all the comparisons When I say transfer speeds I was asking if anyone had the official Commodore specification for the transfer speed of the IDE bus on the A600 itself really, not in reality what different machines can do, although this gives you an idea of which setups will need changing... For example on an old PC the IDE on the motherboard may theoretically be about 10mb/s on that motherboard regardless of how fast the drive is...but some drives struggled to get 1mb/s in the early days etc etc.

Also FastRAM...isn't the A600 2mb ChipRAM so who ever made a non accelerated FastRAM card? I have a 2mb A600 I'm sure it is 2mb ChipRAM though.

I would guess more modern low power 5400/4200rpm drives of around 4-6gb which cost pennies now on ebay are what most people will put in their machines surely, if you choose to have a 40mb dinosaur from the early 90s then you have to accept you won't get optimal performance because your drive is slower than the throughput of the A600/A1200 IDE interface bus etc.

One thing I am very wary of is anything other than hard drive upgrades being considered....Amiga kit is so rare for OCS machines when it comes to ICD's internal IDE board for A500s or accelerators for the A600/A500/A1000/A2000 etc. However changing a drive to a nice efficient Fujitsu 6gb unit is no problem, the drives are dirt cheap...some people give them away they're worthless in the PC laptop business (think I had 30 last year used as paperweights haha) and CF>>IDE kits are non machine specific so it is cheap and easy again for people to upgrade their drives in this way.

Edit: And you can't exclude vertical resolutions of 256 for PAL machines as an option, otherwise there will be no full screen video on any PAL Amigas (which is where most Amigas were sold..outside the PC obsessed USA!!) and it will be a waste of time if only NTSC machines are perceived to have FMV but not PAL ones due to this omission.

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