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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

Some early versions of the Amiga 1000 sold in the United States lacked the EHB video mode, so it is a no goer.
I'm sorry but I don't agree, that's only true for the very first of the NTSC A1000 machines in the USA which might account for 0.001% of the total OCS/ECS Amigas ever sold so I don't think you can exclude it on that basis, even the original PAL A1000...with serial numbers in double figures have EHB so it should be included. EHB is the Amigas biggest strength...for palette swapping per frame it is far more effective than HAM mode and you get 100% increase in colour resolution. If it is not do-able because of the odd bitplane layout of Amiga screen memory then that is a valid reason, excluding it because two guys in the entire world might not be able to use it one just one of their Amigas is not
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