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Well i don't always load Xbmc after iv'e booted to Unleash, just sometimes.I'll likely make XBMC boot at some point - i don't really get to play as much as i would like and haven't set it up truly how i would want

I have all my stuff on dvd and retrieve it this way - it may not suit how others do this but i'm happy to do it

Yeah there is no disagreement that XBMC is the best but i only play games from it.I enjoy how classy it feels but that is all that interests me from this cool dash, apart from the excellent music visualizer - i'm more than happy to watch stuff on pc.There is more to XBMC of course but despite it's excellence, i'm not too fussed

To others: i have over 6 xbox set up this way and have enjoyed it like this from the very start.Emulation though is why i use Xbox

And yes alex although emulation will always be superior on PC what with where being more choice, more power, more filters etc, i like my little crt 14" xbox rgb as it just feels more authentic an experience that when i use my pc for this stuff

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