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Thanks for all your help, guys. I bit the bullet and bought a new..well, secondhand pc...40 quid for a 2.3GHz 250MB RAM 40GB XP...which had just appeared in a local shop. Carried it all the way home, which was no easy task! Whacked WinUAE 36 on it and I'm satisfied at that. Tearawy Thomas was no longer invisible! As he has been on DosFellow.

I won't be trying to put adfs onto floppy or anything of that nature anymore, its done my head in though I did learn a lot. I'll keep the 600 and 1200 machines in case i run across original amiga games on my travels. If i can confirm the accelerator actually works by using showconfig as someone suggested I'll probably offer it for trade..desperately want a cd32 or 3DO again.

I have no intention of using the 1200 for serious apps and as I'm satisfied at the moment with WinUAE, there wouldn't be much point hanging onto the accelerator.
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