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Took this info off MESS' site. Perhaps you can runs some stuff with it?

extended IBM PC

Mess Emulation State
basically the same as ibmpc emulation
rough emulation of keyboard controller
rough emulation of keyboard
rough emulation of dma chips
rough emulation of pic chips
incomplete emulation of cpu
no support for high density disks
no support for at harddisks
needs i80286 v1.5
the grandfather of the now common personal computer

Mess Emulation State
rough emulation of the keyboard controller
rough emulation of the pic chip
rough emulation of the dma chip
no emulation of the tape drive
mono display adapter emulated
color graphics adapter emulated
hercules graphics adapter emulated
rough ega/vga emulation
1 floppy disk controller emulated
1 harddisk controller emulated
rough emulation of up to 4 serial ports emulated
rough emulation up to 3 parallel ports emulated
1 serial mouse emulated
rough emulation of 1 game port and its 2 joysticks
IBM PC Junior
enhanced IBM PC for home use

Mess Emulation State
basically the same as mess ibmpc emulation
pc junior graphics emulated
pc junior sound emulated
work stopped until complete bios roms are available
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