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Some early versions of the Amiga 1000 sold in the United States lacked the EHB video mode, so it is a no goer.

Old drives are slow, but Flash storage today is cheap and reliably fast!!!

Results in KB/s using flash storage media with its corresponding adapters:

A600, no Fastmem: 696
A600,Fastmem: 824
A600, no Fastmem, PCMCIA card reader: 1432
A500, 68000, Trumpcard 500 Pro, no Fastmem: 975
A500, 68040+32-bit Fastmem: 1837
A1200, no Fastmem, PCMCIA Squirrel: 330
A1200, no Fastmem, PCMCIA Surf Squirrel: 1000
A1200, 68030, no Fastmem: 1127
A1200, 68030+32-bit Fastmem: 1975
A4000, 68040+32-bit Fastmem: 2000

While flash storage is the most desirable media, further better results can be obtained with newer , highly specced flash cards. As an example i have tested a SDHC Class 4 card on an A1200 IDE port an obtained 2.5 MB/s performance. Of course, your mileage may vary, always applies. This tests are usefull only for having a general idea.

The tests also show how adding fastram or an accelerated cpu affects transfer speeds in a favourable way.

Note 1: with the following adapters you will gain this speed increase:
IDEFix Express adapter will double (x2) the bare IDE performance
FastATA adapter will quadruple (x4) the bare IDE performance

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