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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Que? I'm sure you had something in mind when you wrote that, but I can't figure it out I think Galahad was talking about the 'mainstream' market and I think (apologies in advance if I got that wrong) you're talking about another audience. Point is which HW Hyperion will target with OS 4.2 now and how that will change the current situation.
Yeah, I went a little off topic from Galahad's talk of possible new Amiga platforms (in general... not OS4-only).

I'm probably I'm a bit biased by my own preferences, just because I can't see me buying a new HW platform that doesn't run f.ex. WB 3.1 natively, doesn't mean there aren't others.

I guess I think the Amiga I knew is perfectly nice and enjoyable, and don't feel the need to change platform to run an OS that has been updated to do what Win/Linux/OSX does. But OS4-lovers will disagree and ofc that's the topic at hand.

Maybe I'd change my mind if it was ported to x86, or if there was some nice handheld gizmo that used it, but I don't think so. I'd be perfectly happy with something new that runs WB 3.1 natively
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