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Originally posted by Unknown_K
See even Fredrick who hates Intel/M$ Pc's with a passion purchased one to play 1 type of game he likes. Which is another genre that doesnt cut it on a console at the moment.

The problem is, the consoles are geared for the younger crowd by the scummy marketing types. The flight sim market is tiny compared to FPS and sports, etc. So why would the software houses port a game from the PC, or build a game from scratch? The consoles can easily handle it the demnds of my faveourite flight sims. I've a good enough undertsanding of hardware spces to know that. The only drawback is that the analog joypads of consoles cannot match the high performance joysticks I have for my PC. Also, mods and updates that make flight sims even more enjoyable are impossible on consoles.
But the joystick problem is easily erased if the game companies took the genre seriously, and produced a flight stick for the PS 2 or Gamecube. Alas, that won't happen. And my love of a good flight sim has many times been tempered by crashes of OS, driver issues, .DLL problems, etc. All Windows problems. Ugh.
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