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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
I found finding a battery (ie laptop battery) to power an A600/CD32 board very difficult so gave up.

Also it's a tough choice...horribly restricted CD32 motherboard...or waste of time ECS non AGA A600 motherboard.

Short of taking a hacksaw to an A1200 motherboard and spending 2 years patching up the pieces with solder and wires this isn't really going to happen. Minimig was being put into a tiny case with a PS1 screen a while ago I remember...this also isn't really ideal.

Shame...if the A1200 board was just that little bit less wide it could make a nice 17" 'laptop' I think and would then fit into a nice existing laptop chassis with some modification but it just isn't slim enough...ho hum
i got an a1200 m/b in to an a600 case and its not to hard
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