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I stick up for windows because there are things on that system that are good just like every other system. When people make generalities that are untrue I stick my nose into it.

If you want to say alot of prebuilt proprietary compaq/dell computers are crap for home users I wont say a word. Just dont bash the systems in general.

I also stick up for mac users when intel people say things untrue about that system.

And I am sure there are alot of people crapping on the amiga community too (I heard a few amiga jokes from others).

Forums should be for discussing facts and opinions stated as opinions not fact. Some people base purchasing decisions on what is said in forums, some of which is untrue.

Saying that I really dont get bent out of shape by any of this, just a little bothersome when people I dont know reply to something I said with foul language or in some cases namecalling. If you cant make your point swearing isnt going to help.

Personally I would like to see another 1 or 2 hardware platforms in the home computer area just because competition breeds inovation and lower costs. That and I think there should be a low cost game/console/homecomputer like the amiga 500 I have just with newer hardware and a low price. As a hobyinst I would probably buy one for $300 or less even if its not my main machine.
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