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CDXL 2 from CD32 probably wouldn't run on an A600 right?

Well there are two ways to do this. Compressed or uncompressed.

Taking uncompressed you are going to be hitting the throughput of the drive and A600's IDE interface or a Zorro side expansion unit's throughput. 40kb is the size of each image in 32 colours and 48k in ehb 64 colours, if you say 24fps then you get.... 40x24=983040kb per second. So you're going to need about 1mb per second like that.

But what is the maximum throughput in the Amiga system for streaming data in from IDE hard drives? That's the info I can't find reliably.

I can find drives and CF cards fast enough but how slow is the Amiga at taking onboard this data and putting it into memory locations to display? Blitting from RAM to RAM even 48kb x25 is no problem but latency and DMA could be an issue?

Also does anyone remember the program BigANIM (was a freebie on CU or AF and plays anims direct from hard disk)
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