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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I just don't see the point anymore. When Amiga was first sold to ESCOM, I truely thought that things might pick up, and then it was passed on again and again.

I have no hopes for Amiga anymore, not as a future wonder machine, it will simply never happen again.

The Amiga 1000/500 were products of their time, with no competition for a long time, those times have passed with dedicated graphic processor manufacturers trying to outdo the next release.

IF, and its a big IF, Amiga came back as a completely new innovative and powerful machine, it would be quickly usurped within a matter of months.

The only future for the Amiga in any form is in embedded systems where WindowsCE is simply too bloated for the simple tasks asked of it.

The only other future for Amiga is to remember the machine as it was, celebrate its strengths and realise theres a world out there.

I use a moderately powerful laptop, and Amiga fan as I am, i'm simply not going to replace it with anything 'new' Amiga at all ever.

i'll enjoy my memories of years gone by, Amiga Inc and Hyperion and anyone else who thinks the Amiga has a future? Such short sighted madness.
ditto. The cuckoo flew the nest for me in 1996'ish when I cancelled my subscription to Amiga Format. I gave up hope of meeting a woman when Amiga Power closed its doors. The best magazine ever made imo

If Hyperion want folk to buy OS4 then they are seriously going to have to transplant it onto x86 based platforms as the SAM stuff is over the top. Why they don't do this is beyond me because;

a) They would be in the same market as W7, Linux etc and could make a small fortune.
b) There is no chance of any real Amiga hardware ever being made again - even if there was it wouldn't be the same would it?
c) If OS4 was made for x86 then we could throw Win (OS4 ) UAE onto it which would be orgasmic!
d) Superfrog is still the best game
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