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My point about the MSX was just to tell that most people don't need to buy a P4 when they don't need it. Oh yeah, and everytime I can talk about the MSX , I do it

I know what many of my friends buy computers for. And I can assure you they aren't using And of course, if you like to throw money in the bin, you are free to do it. I personally would like to spend my money in more usefull things.

I've played AOF a few times, didn't enjoyed it too much. I personall don't like a game that needs 100 keys to be memorized. If AOF plays like Warcraft, Dune 2000, Command & Conquer and thousands of other rts i've seen before (And from what I remember, it does), it can be played in a joypad using the analogue stick for the pointer movement, two buttons for the left/right mouse buttons, and the other buttons as the shortcut keys for commands. (There are more than 8 shortcuts? I hope not....)

I think AOF was ported to the N64, but I may be wrong. Command & Conquer was, and it was playable (if you like this kind of game). Konami ported lots of Microsoft games, in a very interesting agreement they had. (Microsoft says "Hey, please lemme publish a good game from you (Metal Gear Solid) on PC and we will give you all our shit games !) (That's just a joke, btw.. )

Zark and Ultima may be played on keyboard, but still the keyboard wasn't made for playing games. Anyway, those games many times aren't called "games", but "Interactive Fiction".

A GAMER (What Akira claimed to be, and what I do claim to be too) will want to play EVERY kind of game he can, and today a console is better to do that than a PC.

Now about the OS

I must admit I haven't used Win2K too much yet, and I've heard it's more stable. But why I don't update, you may ask?

Well, I have a pretty humble system (P233, 32 mbs RAM, TNT2 videocard, Creative Soundblaster 16... Not too many weird hardware, huh?). This system basically matches nearly all my needs for a PC computer, and anyway I don't have the $$$ to update it right now.

I HAVE to run Win 9X. Ever tried to run Windows 2K in a system like mine? Even Win 98 isn't that fast with 32 Mbs. And that's what I hate most about Windows, it's BLOATWARE. How the hell someone could make an OS that needs SO MUCH RAM is still beyond me. And I can assure you Win9X IS crap, and Windows 3.1 also IS crap, even for its time.

An OS is made to interface the user with the Hardware. If you study computer science (I am studying this ), you'll learn that's one OS definition: "It's the software made to interface the user with the hardware while managing it's resources". You would also learn that SOs are supposed to take as less system resources as possible, that they have to be trustable , they must be as small as possible, it should fit the users needs and has to be secure. Someone forgot to tell Microsoft about that

Back to the point

Even if you are just running apps in your computer, the OS is still interfacing you with the hardware. When you are using your CD burner, the SO is interfacing you with your burner. You tell the app to do something, and he will tell the SO to do that, and the SO will tell it to the hardware. Interface with the hardware is not just installing new drivers, it's nearly EVERYTHING you do with your computer.

I didn't want to take part in this discussion because my bad english always kills me when I need to make points , but after reading all this, I had to do it
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