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Always, always, when I bash M$, the M$ loving part gets pissed and starts insulting. I have not insulted you in my post at all.. Oh well..
Originally posted by Unknown_K
Aparently Akira thinks that everybody should like the games he likes and is stupid to like anything not on a console. He also thinks his point is more valid the more "fucks" he puts in his message.
That's so untrue. My use of the word fuck has nothing to do with it. I swear a lot. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.. see? Fuck fuck fuck *koff* * koff*
Anyway, that's not what I meant, I meant that I don't see the PC as the top selling games system, that's so untrue! CONSOLES ARE! Because if you think of games, you buy a console, no? Daddy is not going to buy a $4000 PC to Jimmy for playing games, is he? No, he's going to buy a $400 PS2. Daddy's not dumb. Daddy takes care of the house's economy. Daddy is a good father. I love you daddy *smack*
I like the age of empires series (rts) and you cant play it on any console. If thats not the type of game you like thats fine with me, but get all pissy when somebody has a different preference then you. If the game cost me $2000 in computer equipment to play it then thats fine with me because thats the kind of game I like to play and I have the money to pay for it.
Hey, I didnt say anything about it. I'm comparing. Consoles give more bang for the buck. $4000 for a system that lets you play 2 or 3 types of games, versus $400 for a system with a wider array of choices. I like to choose. I choose consoles.
If you wanted a Mac so bad why do you have a PC?
Ahh you git, go on, stab me where it hurts. If you would have read properly, you would have noticed that I said that for economical reasons I couldn't. Why? Because I already had a PC. And upgrading it costed me 400 dollars. Compare that to the 2500 I had to pay for a new Powermac G4 system. I really wanted to buy the PMac G4 but I just couldn't. And in 1997 I got a PC because it was a gift. I couldn't say to my uncle "stick this shite up your arse and get me a Powermac G3, you fuck!". He spent 3000 dollars on it and I was like, "WTF did you just do! We could have upgraded the Amiga for much less, I dont need a PC!". That's how I ended up with an x86 box.
Tell your freind to read the box on his plug and play device to see if it is compatible with his hardware. Would you get pissy with amiga hardware if your AGA game didnt run on an A500 system?
Sorry, but DV Cams are compatible with Firewire ports. if I have a Firewire port, obviously I can stick a DV cam to it. And the most interesting part, me ole mucker, is that teh camera works when he runs an old Win98. Besides, comparing hardware incomptibility with software incompatibility is not quite right.

I dont understand why you would be unhappy that your neighbor doesnt use 100% of his computers potential, some kind of envy going on there? IF I buy a porshe because I like the look of the car am I a bad person because I dont race it using it to its full potential?
Fuck my neighbour. His loss. i'm not envious. I didn't say he's a bad person. I'm just letting you know about a FACT. And yes, I think wasting your cash in a Porsche you are not going to put up to 240km/h is shite. Then again, people with cash tend to like wasting money in stuff they dont use. But in the PC field, lots of people, the LEGO USER, the one that knows nothing about PCs, gets sweettalked into buyiing the latest shit even if he/she doesn't need it. I'm actually unhappy, nay, MAD, at that. It's like if you want to buy a car and they want to bundle it to you with an insurance against the risk of hitting a pink kangaroo. Just for extra 2000 bucks or something.
I guess a gamer like you must have had one hell of a time with the Zork series of early computer games, oh wait they are not games because they require a keyboard.. let me call the original makers and bithc them out using curse words because their game didnt fall under YOUR definition of a game.
OH PLEASE. You were talking about an ARCADE GAME that needs a kazillion of keys to be played (UT). I dont want that. Don't get desperate when trying to insult me.
I custom build my pc's with quality parts to do what I want them to do and have no problems getting any of my equipment to run and stay running.
Me too, and my PC works just great, thank you.
I responded to these threads because I wanted to hear other people opinions on a subject, not to hear people thumping a bible like their way is the only way and others are crazy for not using the system they believe is the one true system.
Again, you misunderstood me. I'm just discussing with you because you stnd up for Windows so much it's ..err... very strange.

I dont wanna fight with you anymore, it's boring already. I didn't want it to get like this, I never insulted you.

Let me go back to some pixelwork on the Classic II.
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