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See even Fredrick who hates Intel/M$ Pc's with a passion purchased one to play 1 type of game he likes. Which is another genre that doesnt cut it on a console at the moment.


I am not sure what you mean by how the OS should make the hardware behave? BTW I dont get BSOD, maybe 1 a year on win2k which runs 24/7 as a server, burner, IRC, ICQ, and a number of other things. As far as interfacing you with the hardware exactly what is that for. As long as the OS properly detects your devices and works well enough with your aplications what is there to interface? I dont boot up a machine to play with an interface each day, its to work on multiple aplications.

If you have never played age of kings by microsoft on the PC (and from the sound of it you have not) then dont tell me a joypad brand xxx with 6 buttons is the controller I need for that system. AOK is a 2 handed games where the keyboard is used for command while at the same time the mouse is used for selecting movement, units, groupings etc. You cant do that very well on any game controller I ever seen. And for the 3rd time AOK doesnt exist on a console that I know of, so quit telling me the game I want is better on a system that doesnt have it!

And you have no idea why people buy the computers they do, maybe somebody has to bring home files for CAD once a year and needs the rendering power of a state of the art computers while the rest of the time they just do email on it. All I get from you and Akira on that topic is ENVY for something somebody else has and you dont. If a millionaire purchased a supercomputer just to type 3 lines of code into it once and lock it away forever good for him. That computer would not exist if he didnt buy it, and if he gets bored with it then it will be alot cheaper to buy it slightly used on ebay. The more computers people buy make it cheaper for the rest of us to get one (the more of a part you make the cheaper you can sell that part). Most people want new computers with a warranty, cant get a new MSX machine at best buy with 1 year same as cash can you? Do you want to support everybody who takes you up on getting a used MSX computer for email but knows nothing about it and doesnt have the software or manual?

And there are alot of games that used the keyboard for typing in commands besides the Zork series, like Ultima series to name one. Keyboards were used for gaming before computers were cheap enough to bring home.
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