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Heroes of Might and Magic II


This thread is for all those who like this game and want it to be ported on the Amiga. You may well think it is overly ambitious, especially because sources are not available, but I started the project anyway and got some interesting result.

Grab it from here :
All updates will be done at this same address.

Of course, to run it you'll need the game data files and I can't provide those.
Note that this is a full port using original code that I have reSourced, not a complete rewrite like Free Heroes2.
It also works (or must work ) on regular AGA machines with 16MB ram.

Now, I'm here to ask for help. I especially need :
- coders expert in fast hires chunky graphics
- musicians who can convert/redo midi (or cd audio) musics into regular tracker
- audio programmers who can do fast 4 or more mono channels playing from fastmem with good quality (for both music and sfx)
- coders expert in floating-point ops removeal (there is a legion of them, and computer AI is very slow because of this)
- someone who can reSource and/or decompile the PC versions so I can use that to implement h2x extensions not present in the Mac 68k version I've used

I can give the sources to whoever wants them, but beware : they are large.

There are many bugs, but you can theoretically play. Don't expect the game to be fast, but it's not very slow either.

You can help in several ways, including play testing. But please read the readme file in the archive before reporting anything !

So what... can I get any help in here or not ?

EDIT: link is now

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