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For all of the following, the target was Microprose Soccer (since that's the only PC disk sitting in front of me). I want to test DOS emulation. If you want to use Windows on Windows (eg. 9x on 2k), the results may be better, but I'm only interested in getting DOS programs working.

Commercial Full Version : Connectix Virtual PC 5 - Bombs back to Windows
Commercial Full Version : VMWare Workstation 3.1 - Bombs back to Windows
xxxxxxware : DOSBox - Yet to try....I'll wait until the emulation progresses some more
xxxxxxware : Bochs - Can't remember, but sucked if memory serves correctly

Verdict..They all suck at the moment. If they can't run a shit game like Microprose Soccer, how the hell will they handle newer games.
If you want to play DOS games, pick up a DOS box for cheap

I would like to hear how they perform, with for example, Windows 98 on a Windows 2000/XP machine....Compatibility with games/software (softice anyone? )
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