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Originally posted by Akira

Are we talking about Flight Simulators? I dont think so. When the Amiga was starting to get slow, people said they'd switch to PCs because of the phong-shaded flightsims. Come fucking on!
I love my 16 bit games. Amiga, Atari ST, Megadrive, SNES,etc.
My fave genre is flight sims. Thats why I bought my Atari St. For Falcon, Knits of the Sky, etc. Being a rabid Flight sim fan, I will inform you that Amiga/Atari St flight sims don't hold a candle to my PC flight sims. Not even close. Why? I explained this before. Realism. The intense physics models and damage models, speed and VERY bitchy control needed by the truest flight sims need the hardware of my P3 800 GeForce ti 4200. I despise Windows and guarantee, were it not for my beloved flight sims I would stick to my iBook.
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