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I once said that the "popularization" (is this a valid word: D) of computers was a bad thing, and this gets more and more true.

I understand you want your OS to just interface you with the hardware (That's what's an OS is made for ), but this doesn't mean you want the OS to TELL how the machine to behave. I want my OS to interface me to the hardware, yet I want the machine to behave the way I want. You never think about your OS? And when you get blue screens, you think in what?

Zork is a text-adventure, that's why it uses the keyboard. You must be too dumb and didn't understand what Akira meant. If you take a look at the PS2 joypad, you'll see it has a digital input device, 10 buttons and 2 analogue devices. That's more than suficient to control any game (The 2 analogue sticks are better than a mouse for gaming anyday) . The keyboard isn't and never was meant to be a gaming device.
And like Akira said, I can't understand why someone would expend big money in PCs for gaming, when they can basically only play 2 kind of games on it. The console market is also flooded with RTSs and FPSs (If you like such boring games), but at least I can also try different kinds of games in a console. I won't even waste my time to tell about all the other advantages a console has upon a PC when talking about games.

I do know LOTS of people who buys a POWERFULL computer to just do simple stuff. And I know why this makes Akira angry, it's because you know there's a piece of hardware somewhere that's being underused, while HIM (or ME ) could be using it properly. And if someone wants a computer to just browse internet, do word processing and play games, buy an MSX! An MSX does all this for about 50 dollars. (Or even less, Akira or Retroman should know better ) .
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